2016 Tentative Schedule

The following schedule is based on the 2012 event. Some of the activities will be similar. Check back later when the schedule is firmed up.



  • Travel Day
  • Checking into cottages, camp site, bed & breakfast


Welcoming – Private Tenting Area
  • By Family Members to Other Family Members, up at the Watering Hole to include cigars, etc.
  • Super or Early Evening Meal, as guests arrive.
    • Featuring, home-made chilly, by none other than Jimmy Gallagher being accompanied with Grandmother Gallagher’s “Parker House Rolls” hand made by the finest bakers at Costco.
    • For desert, Marie’s home-made real raisin pies, (to die for).
  Evening Action – Around the Camp Fire
  • Listing to the sounds of the instruments being played by those who care to entertain us and music by Sarah and Doug’s music machine.



Breakfast– Private Tenting Area
  • Breakfast to be served.
  • Consisting of fruit, bacon, eggs, etc. and drinks, coffee, tea and juices.
  Let The Games Begin – Out in the Back Forty
  • Scavenger Hunt for everyone.
    • Director and Co-ordinator is Erin Gallagher.
    • Erin will supply you with your information in the morning.
    • Bocce Ball
    • Baseball
    • Newfie Horseshoes
    • Badminton
  Lunch – Private Tenting Area
  • This was a staple in a Gallagher Family and is still revered as such.
  • Baked beans and Parker House Rolls. This tradition has been passed down to our generation and made with the same love and passion. Susan Gallagher-Morrison is up to this job and it is hard to keep any in a pot when being made.
  • Anyone wishing to make the cabbage salad is most welcome to do so.


Let The Games Continue – Out in the Back Forty Wonderful Sounds of MusicCommencing at 2PM in the Private Tenting Area
    • Maggie Vida, an incredible singer who is also part of a large swing band. (if you have any special music you would like to hear please e-mail CarrolAnn your requests and she will bring the music to sing to.
  • “A Special moment to reflect on the gang upstairs and wishing them well and hope they enjoy their day with us.”
  Group Photo – In Front of the Gallagher banner Our Famous Wine and Cheese Tasting Experience – Private Tenting Area
  • Between the Music & even dancing and wine and cheese tasting, including the sun on our already rosy cheeks and toasting the gang upstairs what more can we ask for. Just our love of life and our families…
  • Erin keep an eye on those Scavenger Hunt people…. ” Let the games continue.
  Dinner – Private Tenting Area
  • As we slide into the evening comes the most famous BBQ of all. By: none other than Richard Giroux & his crew.
  • Our Big Roast and all the other trimmings.
  • Accompanied by Judy Gallagher’s famous Cesar Salad.
  • Should anyone else wish to bring salads to accompany this delicious meal please do so.


Bonfire – Around the Camp Fire
  • Hopefully the Delorme’s will demonstrate their talent once again this year.
  • In closing for the evening is a campfire and our families sharing their musical talent around the campfire.
  • Including guitar playing Cody Colby.
Note: Those who are not staying in the park, please have all of your vehicles outside of the gates no later than 10:00 p.m. you may re-enter by foot only. Aunties ride with a driver on the golf cart.



Breakfast– Private Tenting Area
  • Lots of hugs and kisses before departure time.
  • Promises not to lose touch with each other and see you all again at our next reunion.