July 8 to 12, 2009

2009 Gallagher Family Reunion Photo
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More photos from our first annual reunion coming soon! What a fabulous reunion! Thanks to all the visitors and event planners for making this time very special. Please send any photos you have to Doug at the e-mail address at the end of this page. All your photos will be posted from a link on this page, come back and visit soon. (updated Jul12/09)

Location: Blue Heron Trailer Park

Dates: July 8th to July 12th, 2009

Area: Private Tenting Area

Gallagher Family CrestFeaturing:

  • The Gathering of all the Gallagher’s and Families
  • Wine and Cheese Tasting Contest
  • Pig Roast, etc.
  • Jazz Band
  • Bocce Ball & Horseshoe Toss
  • Evening Camp Fires

Please bring your Tent or RV, food, sun umbrellas & musical instrument.

Contact: CarolAnn
Phone: 905-774-3800


Notes from CarrolAnn:

A Menu For The Family Weekend

I have reserved The PrivateTenting area which is beautiful and with nature away from the main part of the Park.  Facilities in this area are:

  1. outdoor washrooms but quite modern having flush toilets,
  2. Picnic tables and BBQ’s. 
  3. Shaded & large areas for those who are tenting and RV’ing. 

There is a Bed and Breakfast about 5 minutes walk and I shall look into rental of cottages across the road from us if anyone is interested.  Please e-mail me



Greeting each other as we arrive and setting up tents and parking RV’s and a Jimmy’s home made chili which he will prepare for the great outdoors.  We realize that everyone will have been on the road and preparing the cooking will be tiring.  A wonderful bonfire is the order for the evening and getting to know each other.


In the morning, is the setting up a table for each of the Cousins and Aunts.  This idea is for you to bring along with you a picture of when you were a baby, a teenager and a family photo of your very own family and their children.  Please also bring items that you would like to show from the past such as musical instruments, art etc.  Don’t hold back.

If it is possible, would you include on things to bring, one of your favourite foods that was and is traditional in your household.  For those of you who like to indulge in playing music around the camp fire please bring them along with your sun umbrellas and snacks. 

Through out the day, besides getting to know each other and reminiscing

  • Bocce Ball/ Horse Shoes
  • Wine tasting, if you make your own wine please bring it and we will have a tasting contest which will be accompanied with cheese
  • Lunch will be somewhere in there

Late Afternoon And Throughout The Evening:

  • A Pig Roast, corn roast including, Elaine’s home made baked beans, parker house rolls, salad and anything else you yourselves would like to add
  • Then the special of the Evening
      Jimmy Marandos’ Big Jazz & Swing Band

This is a tribute to my Father, Harold Gallagher whose birthday would have been on this weekend, honouring our Mom, Cecelia, including Harolds’ present sisters, Doris, Jean, Olive and Sister-In-law, Helen. 

Perhaps you were too young to remember my dad; he was an incredible musician.  Gail and Jimmy will show you his instruments at their table for sharing.

Now, for your part in this wonderful evening of sounds from our past.  You will be happy to know you will be participating, meaning, the sons and fathers will be requested to learn the lyrics to Mambo No.5, remember “just a little Monica in my?…” Plus a real bonus, you must choose a choreographer amongst yourselves to direct your little chorus line.
Oh yes, my dear Girls and Moms “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, is your song for the evening under the close direction of your chosen choreographer.

  • Then a camp fire and using your own musical instruments.


  • Steak and Egg Breakfast, fresh farm eggs with an added bonus of home made pancakes made by Gail herself.  Using our dad’s syrup recipe.  Bobby tasted these pancakes after curling with us one Sunday.  Really delicious.
  • For lunch, porketta on calebraise buns
  • The rest of the Reunion has yet to be decided on upon our guests remaining.

We request that you let us know by the end of May.  This event comes at a special time in our lives when we realize a connection to Family is important and when the moment is missed it usually never happens again.

One more very important note:  Douglas van Wolde is in the processes of forming the Gallagher Family Tree of which you are all part of.  Would you be so kind as to e-mail Doug (see note below) and he will assist you as to how to enter your information on-line.   If you do not have a computer perhaps you can use friends or the library facilities.

Love always,