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Reunion Postponed for Another Year

Hi Family!  Sorry for the delay at posting this message.  So much has been going on here in Brooklin and also in Dunnville.  We’ve (CarrolAnn, Jimmy, Cousins and me) have decided we need to postpone the reunion until next year.

We’ve had some discussion around alternate venue and a also talked about doing the food as […]

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2012 Reunion is Done

It was hot and fun!  We have lots of new memories to share for the next time we meet, in 2014.  Check out the photos from 2012.

Just days away from our reunion.  The weather forcast is set for warm and sunny.  Bring your sunglasses and umbrellas.  The final preparations are underway for the 2012 reunion. […]

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Scavenger Hunt

Wonder What’s Hiding Here?
Nothing yet. But there will be on the reunion weekend. Lovely cousin Erin will be preparing a scavenger hunt for us to enjoy. Maybe get a little exercise? Meet new family. Read the clues and find the locations and objects to collect.

The Easter treasure hunt is a long standing tradition at Elaine’s. […]

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Gallagher Family Reunion Website

Welcome to the new home of the Gallagher Family Reunion website for the Gallaghers of Ontario and beyond.

It’s our hope to connect more of us together with this community website by sharing articles, stories and photos.  This site will be the main location to obtain information about future reunions as well as to catalog reunions […]

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Photos from Past Reunions

Check out the Photo Gallery page.

More photos are being added!  It’s been long overdue.  Sorry for the delay.  More photos will be going online from CD’s of images sent by Tim and Tony.  Check back soon!  Hopefully all the new images will be online before we next meet in July.  If you have any more […]

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